9.4″ Foil Fireworks Drinking Straw, Assorted Colors, Package of 50

  • 5*240mm bendy straw with palm tree
  • These straws are sold in an assortment of colors adding to the fun and excitement
  • They are made out of plastic, and are durable enough to prevent cracks or breaks
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  • Sold in a wide assortment of vibrant colors.
  • Features a unique and fun design.
  • Extremely durable and able to withstand being bent or twisted.
  • Looks great when served with any beverage.
  • Straws are completely bendable and disposable.


We offer a variety of straws which formats include

spoon straws, flexible straws,Giant straw Wrapped / Unwrapped,Jumbo straw Wrapped / Unwrapped, Sip straw, Smoothie straw, coffee stirrers , decorative straw etc.

We can customize various aspects of straws to meet your needs, including:

  • Length, diameter, and wall thickness
  • Colors, stripes, and patterns
  • Paper or plastic wrapped

All materials used in the manufacturing of these drinking straws comply with FDA/LFGB/EU standard. These drinking straws are top quality, food grade drinking straws.

 Sample : free

Sample lead time : 2-3 days

Delivery time : 25-30 days 

Contact : susan  (sales manager)

Email : sales@hy-tableware.com
Skype : huang.susan56
        Whatsapp : 86-13757906250
  Website: www.hy-tableware.com

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